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We’re Cindy Savage, real queer wedding planner, and Amanda Summerlin, super gay wedding photographer and we are here to talk weddings from an LGBTQ+ perspective. We’ll be interviewing folks from the community in all stages of wedding planning, along with LGBTQ+ wedding pros, to get you the bullshit-free wedding info you need along with a healthy side of snark.​

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Mark and Drew’s Atlanta Wedding at Monday Night Brewing

In our first interview with a couple who’s still knee-deep in the planning process, we talk to Drew and Mark about their upcoming wedding. They’ll be getting married this coming October in Atlanta at Monday Night Brewing, which we’ve determined is Super Gay. SHOW NOTES “If it tastes good, spit it out.” More medical advice …

Episode 7: Shawnee Custalow, Queer Wedding & Boudoir Photographer

We talk to queer wedding and boudoir photographer Shawnee Custalow about all sorts of things, including queering up your wedding, the gendered bullshit of the color pink, sheep shearing, and living forever by drinking more wine. SHOW NOTES Somehow, we discussed flavors of asshole. WTF? Amanda’s Rule for Home Improvement Projects You can only go …

Episode 6: Andrea and Tara’s Stout Island, Wisconsin Wedding

“Like all amazing couples, we met at a drag show.” “You’re in frickin’ midwest Wisconsin. You’re going to darn near the north woods. Hey, this is a same-sex wedding, are you ok with that? That was one of our qualifying questions.” Hear the stories behind these quotes in this week’s episode, where we talk with …


About the Show Hosts

Amanda Summerlin is a super gay wedding photographer at Amanda Summerlin Photography. She takes neat pictures of nice people.

Cindy Savage is a real queer wedding planner at Aisle Less Traveled. She helps independent, feminist, and LGBTQ+ folks plan meaningful weddings without losing their sanity or blowing their budgets.

Together, they are gay AF and are here to talk about all the wedding shit from an LGBTQ+ perspective. They also want to introduce you to the most badass LGBTQ+ wedding pros around.

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Our aspiration is to increase diverse representation in wedding media and to engage in critical dialogue about love, sex, marriage, and weddings. We seek to empower our community of readers and business owners to bring race, gender, sexuality, class, bodies, and more into the conversation.

Why It Matters: Catalyst applies feminist values in three ways: diversifying representation, challenging gendered roles, and standing for equal rights.

Amanda Summerlin (Super Gay Wedding co-host) takes neat pictures for nice people.

She is an Atlanta-based destination wedding photographer and travels free throughout the US. 

Cindy Savage (Super Gay Wedding co-host) helps independent, feminist, and LGBTQ+ couples plan meaningful weddings while keeping their sanity and their budgets intact. 

She is based in St. Louis, MO and Portland, OR with free travel in the continental US. 

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